Angel Dollface

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Chapter No I: 'The End'

Reya was tired. She didn't know why she did the things she did. She was sitting on the couch at Bella's house. She had a cigarette clamped between her lips, a beer in her hand, half cross-legged, one leg dangling from the couch. 'So you wanna head on home, huh.', her friend asked. 'Yup.', Reya said, stubbing her cigarette in an ashtray shaped like a skull. She stood up. She was wearing a leather jacket with 'Hell's Angels' written on the back, an AC/DC tank top, and some slim-fit leather pants. She reached down to the table, downed a shot, walked to the door, put on her high heels, and left.

Chapter No II: 'Seeing things'

Reya took off her high heels, took off her jacket, lay down on her bed and whipped out her phone. It had been a long day at the office and she was quite tired. All she wanted to do was sleep and have some dinner, maybe get a little bit drunk. She opened her messages and answered everyone who had texted her that day. Next, she opened the Instagram app and scrolled through her feed. While scrolling, she stumbled across a friend's friend profile. Her username was 'bellaxoxo'. Bella was pretty and elegant. Her pictures were in black and white. Most of them depicted her in a 'come hither' pose, accentuating her body. Reya was instantly hooked. She followed her and liked some of her pictures. Half an hour later, Reya got a message from Bella. 'Hey gorgeous.', Bella's message said. 'Gorgeous yourself!', Reya answered. 'So you liked my pictures?', Bella answered. 'Yeah I did, you have something special about your profile.', Reya elaborated. 'I do?', Bella teased. 'Yes. ;)', Reya teased back. 'You want to find out in person?', Bella asked. 'Why not?', Reya answered.

Chapter No III: 'Interacting'

Three days later, Reya was on her way to Bella's flat. She was wearing a leather jacket with 'Hell's Angels' written on the back, an AC/DC tank top, some slim-fit leather pants, and some black strap high heels. Her long, black hair was let down and she walked confidently towards a white house with a baroque facade. She walked to the house's gate and rang the bell for flat thirteen. Bella's voice greeted her. 'Come right up.', she said. Her flat was on the second floor. Reya took the lift up. When she reached flat thirteen, the door was open and there was a stunning blonde standing in the doorway. The blonde had long flowing, glistening blonde hair. The blonde was wearing a fur coat, a black leather skirt, some plateau strap heels, and a bralette. Bella looked more attractive in person than she did in her pictures.

Reya was bade in. She sat down. 'What would you like to drink?', Bella asked her. 'What do you feel like?', Reya asked. 'Champagne, don't you think?', Bella answered, winking at Reya. Reya smiled back. 'Sure, why not.', she answered. Bella poured her a glass of Champagne and handed it to Reya. They drank. 'So, why d'you text me?', Bella asked. 'Why d'you invite me? ;)', Reya returned. 'Touché!', Bella answered, smiling and taking a sip from her champagne. 'No I invited you over because I'm terribly lonely and I thought you were gorgeous too! You look much more gorgeous in person by the way. How come you accepted my invitation?', she continued. 'Same reason.', Reya answered pensively. They looked into each other's eyes for some time. 'I don't really like people much, if I'm honest.', Bella explained. 'Why?', Reya inquired. 'Because most people have nothing interesting to say and they bore me. I can't be with people for an extended period of time without getting tired. How 'bout you?', Bella elaborated. 'I like people...', Reya hesitated, '...but somehow I'm not really interested in their struggles. Nothing anybody has said or done is something I haven't read or seen before. Frankly, nothing surprises me anymore.' 'Really? Have you been through a lot? You seem knowledgable and educated beyond your years.', Bella admired. 'Why d'you say that?', Reya inquired. 'Well, you seem aloof, in control of the situation. I like that in a girl. I think most people these days are f*ckin' wussies. Everyone is so sensitive, so insecure.', Bella elaborated. 'Maybe they've been through a lot.', Reya returned evenly, sipping her champagne. 'Not everyone has their sh*t together. It can be touch for most people.', Reya continued. 'How d'you know?', Bella asked curiously. 'Been there myself and I've seen other people go through some tough situations.', Reya elaborated.

They talked all night about such things and cuddled.

It was four o'clock in the morning. Reya didn't know where she was. She blinked as her eyes got accustomed to the darkness. Now she remembered where she was. Bella was lying next to her, naked. Reya herself was naked. She had a headache and she was feeling slightly sick. She couldn't remember how she had landed in Bella's bed. Her neck and her arms hurt.

Chapter No IV: 'Yearning'

Reya didn't want to think about that night. She needed to watch herself more carefully in future.