Angel Dollface

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By Angel Dollface at 2021/12/17/

Chapter No I: Locked up again.

It was late. Far too late. Brianna was waiting at an intersection a couple of meters away from her house. She was cold, tired, and just wanted to go home. She had been to a friend's house in her 1969 Dodge Charger, wearing a leather jacket, royal blue pants and a Rolling Stones band t-shirt. On her delicate feet, there were some high-heeled boots with red flames painted on the sides and the neck of the shoes. She had carefully picked these shoes and her whole outfit. The friend at whose place she had been, had been a friend from university. They had been texting up and down for a while now and since the city had been placed under lockdown due to a 'pandemic', she thought she go over to that friend's place and maybe talk, drink, and maybe, just maybe, fuck too. She was a bit of a nymphomaniac and took every opportunity she could for casual sex. Technically, she was breaking the law, but she didn't believe anything the media or government said. 'This is how folks in authoritarian states must be feeling.', she thought to herself and smirked. She reached into the glove compartment for her snake-skin cigarette case and her Blondie Zippo lighter. She lit herself a cigarette. She inhaled deeply and exhaled pensively. 'How did I end up here? Alone and annoyed? Not able to go anywhere I want to?'

At that moment, the light turned red and she gave her Charger a kick with the gas pedal and it lumbered forward, almost in protest. When she drove into her garage, the Charger almost didn't want to drive over the threshold but after another convulsive jerk, it rolled into the garage. She switched off and stepped out of the vehicle. Her Charger had been with her for 4 years now. It was completely black, with the headlights spanning the entirety of the cooler grill and with a two flaming tigers adorning each side. She wouldn't ever have another car.

She went upstairs, undressed, went for a shower, and went to bed. The instant her head hit the pillow, she fell asleep.

Chapter No II: A chance encounter.

The next morning, she woke up at around 9:00 a.m., brushed her teeth, donned her night gown, walked down to the kitchen, made herself some coffee and sat down at the kitchen table. While she sat there, she thought about what she needed to do today. She had a lot planned and wanted to get started early. During the past couple of weeks, due to the lockdown, she had gotten into sewing clothes for herself. She needed to drive into the city to buy herself some more cloth for a special jumpsuit she was making. It was to be black with Greek white spirals on the seams along the pant-legs, sleeve seams and the shoulder seams.

She went up to her room, dressed, donning her Guess jumpsuit, her boots from the previous night, went to the garage, stepped into her Charger, drove out of the garage, and arrived in the city centre in around twenty minutes.

The cloth shop that she liked to go to had a wide variety of fabrics on offer and she liked browsing fabrics, letting her delicate fingers run over the edges, the borders and the body of a fabric. It was while she was doing this, that she noticed a girl, in her early twenties, like herself, dressed in bell-bottom red trousers, boots, and a blouse that was open until the beginning of the chest with brown hair and a face with sharp cheek-bones and an elegant posture. The girl was standing a meter next to her and checking a fabric. 'Soft isn't it?', the girl asked Brianna. 'Depends what you need it for, I guess.', Brianna threw back. 'Oh, a bag, a T-Shirt, maybe some pants, who knows.', she answered with a twinkle in her eyes. 'What's your name?' Brianna asked the girl. 'Carina, and you are?' Carina said, stretching out a delicate hand. 'Brianna.', Brianna answered, taking the hand and shaking it. 'Nice to meet you, Brianna. What are you looking for?', Carina replied. 'Oh, just some black Nylon for a jumpsuit I'm making, not unlike the one I'm wearing.', Brianna explained. 'You made that yourself?! You look gorgeous in it!', Carina replied slightly in awe and smiled. Brianna thanked her and couldn't help but smile back. She didn't normally talk to strangers but there was something mesmerising about Carina, a sort of elegant light-heartedness. Brianna liked to see that people, albeit she didn't see it often.

'I'm really sorry to break it up, but I have a couple of appointments later today that I need to attend, you want to swap info?', Carina asked. Brianna, somewhat surprised, answered: 'Sure, I get it, me too. Here's my number.', taking out her phone and opening up the contact-sharing app. She showed Carina her info, Carina took a picture and said 'It was interesting meeting you, I'll text, I promise.', taking Brianna's hand and giving it a little stroke.

Brianna didn't know what to say and kept on browsing, lost in thought.

Chapter No III: Rules are made to be broken.

A week later, after having texted for a week with Carina, Brianna was standing in front of Carina's house waiting for her. There was a cigarette dangling loosely from her lips and she smoked it with relish. She was wearing a black long-sleeved tight crop-top, some black leather bell-bottom pants, and black strap-heels. Her finger nails and toe nails were painted red and she'd already had a beer while getting ready. Thusly attired, she leaned against the door of her Charger, waiting for Carina.

She didn't have to wait long, Carina soon stepped out of her house, wearing a leather jacket, a short top that exposed her arms, her tummy, and the top of the chest, below her neck. In addition to this, she was wearing tight black leather leggings and some black plateau strap-heels. She pulled up her pants a little, and said: 'Wow, you look amazing. That top emphasises the right things.' Brianna took off her sun-glasses and replied: 'You're looking pretty sharp yourself.', smiling a little. When Carina reached the bottom of the stairs, they hugged and she grabbed Brianna's waist, pulling her close to herself. Brianna closed her eyes and leaned her forehead against Carina's. They stood like that for some minutes.

After gently disengaging, Carina asked 'Where are we going?' 'You'll see, it is something of a surprise.', Brianna replied with a naughty twinkle in her eyes. 'Nice ride by the way, your own?', Carina briefly inquired. 'Yup, this baby's mine. I've had her for 4 years now. I never want anything else. She is a bit temperamental at times, she doesn't like slopes but if you coax her power out of her the right way, she goes like the wind.' They both got in and Brianna made the Charger lumber out of Carina's street.

Forty minutes later they were on a hill overlooking the city. They were sitting on the hood of Brianna's Charger and sipping some beers and sharing a joint. The sun was just setting and made the sky gleam a deep pink bordering on red. 'Do you do this often?', Carina asked. 'Not really, no.', Brianna answered. 'I don't generally trust people all that much. When I do they usually disappoint me.', she elaborated. 'How d'you mean?', Carina asked. 'Well, I give people my all. I care about them and I put them before myself. I do things I wouldn't normally do. I help them with things they struggle with, I drive out to them in the middle of the night if they tell me they're feeling down and/or lonely. Stuff like that.', Brianna explained further. 'But why?', Carina asked pensively. 'If you do not give anything, you will not receive anything. If I do not make myself vulnerable to others, a relationship can't grow, let alone flourish.' Brianna said. 'And when do your relationships break?', Carina asked further. 'When I want to get close to a person. My relationships do not generally last. I fight to save them, but there comes a point when you realise it is futile to hold on. Then I let the person dissipate out of my life.', Brianna answered, taking Carina's hand. She turned to Carina, locked her eyes in a warm gaze and asked her 'What about you?' 'What about me?', Carina answered quizzically. 'Well, how is it with relationships and you?', Brianna elaborated. 'Have you ever had the feeling you weren't good enough for yourself or someone else?', Carina asked her, her voice breaking. 'Sometimes, why?', Brianna asked her, slightly concerned, gently taking the joint out of Carina's hand and taking a pensive hit from it. 'Well, I've never felt like I was good enough for myself or for any potential partners.', Carina explained. 'How so?', Brianna inquired further. 'I had a girlfriend from school with whom I used to fuck a couple times and to whom I could talk. She then got a job, bought a car, and moved out of from home. She told me that she didn't understand why I didn't do the same and that I was worthless nobody because I didn't have the material things she had. She then blocked me and banned me from her life. I was studying at uni at the time and trying to ace all my subjects and that was such a hit to me that I couldn't focus on many things to do with uni. I tried committing suicide once but something went wrong and that is when I decided that instead of trying to end my life, I should work on maybe getting a job, getting a flat, and a car.', Carina told Brianna, her eyes getting watery. Brianna said nothing for a while. She just looked into Carina's eyes. The joint was in her hand, she took a long drag, closed her eyes and kissed Carina. She exhaled into her mouth. Carina hadn't felt so safe and loved before. She blew the smoke out of her nose, turned around and put her head in Brianna's lap. 'You know, people are generally huge assholes. Every now and again someone comes along who doesn't judge you on what you have but on who you are. I still have the 'problem' for which your fuck-buddy left you but I do not care. If she ditched you because of material things like a house and a car, that is her loss, not yours. Look at you, you're beautiful, charming, cute, adorable, kind, and intelligent and you should live your life the way you want. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I do what I want with whom I want and when I want and if someone doesn't like me, they can go fuck themselves.', Brianna comforted her. 'Example!', Carina said, smiling a teary smile, wiping the tears from her eyes. 'Well, take this lockdown for instance. I think it is total horseshit and I think the government is morphing into an authoritarian bunch of children and I would like to murk them all in the most graphic way possible and in polite conversation you cannot usually say these things but you see, withholding your real thoughts to appear polite in a society that doesn't give two damns about you either way is denying the very thing that makes us human. Thinking and existing for ourselves and maybe people we care about. And I'm happy, in fact, proud to call the media and the government out on their lies and their deception.', Brianna explained. 'Aren't you scared of being shunned and discriminated against in society?', Carina asked. 'Ask me a serious question.', Brianna teased with a twinkle in her eyes. 'Hm, I see your point. You know I've been wondering if I could fall in love with you.', Carina confessed. 'Why don't we find out?', Brianna tempted with a naughty smile on her face. She bent down with beer in her left hand, handed the joint to Carina, who took a drag, inhaled the joint's flavours from Carina, while kissing her and exhaled. Brianna felt a sense of calm wash over her. This is all she ever wanted. A loving girlfriend, someone who took her for who she was and who was honest and sincere and accepted her as she was.

Chapter No IV: Peace and Quiet.

Two weeks later, after multiple rendezvous, Carina and Brianna were lying naked in a bed covered in silk sheets, Carina sleeping on Brianna's naked bosom and Brianna's cheek resting on Carina's head. They had gone on vacation in the south of France. They were staying in a small bungalow, the window was open, the sun was just setting and the sea breeze blew through the bedroom window.