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By Angel Dollface at 2021/12/03


Many of the stories that I write here are a type of subtle comment and narrative on the experiences and reflections about my life that I would like to articulate in literary form. Hence, although I try to keep a regular schedule, I do not always stick to the bi-monthly posting time. I ask for understanding for this. Enjoy the story.

Chapter No I: Overture

It was cold, far too cold. She was sitting in front of Ludo on the window sill, reflecting on the events of the evening. Maya was confused, drunk, lonely, and altogether asked herself how she had ended up in the predicament she found herself in. If her state of mind, addled by considerable amounts of beer, weed, and other illicit substances, could be called 'confused'. A half-smoked rolled cigarette stuck between her sparkly lips, having been covered in a shiny lip-balm before she had left her family's mansion. Her eyes drooped, she couldn't breathe, and her Rolling Stones lighter loosely dangled between her thumb and fore-finger. She felt tired, not only physically, but also in her mind. She was sick of people and their insecurities, their egos, and first and foremost their pretence at being moral, upstanding, and law-abiding citizens.

Chapter No II: Act I

She had a long and arduous journey behind her. The year was 2021 and she had had a job at Chanel as a Store Manager at the brand's biggest store in New York City. Her colleagues liked her and she took great care to live the elegant and bespoke image the brand had when she was helping customers. She had taken the job because she didn't like getting sky-high pocket money from her parents and was convinced of the approach that one needed to work and earn the things one wanted in one's life. Her parents, although very rich, had thought this approach strange but supported her in acquiring the job as much as they could. After the pandemic had struck, being a very sensual and sexual person, she had decided to live out her fantasies by signing up with an escort agency. She had enjoyed the job a lot and had made enough to move out and build a life of her own. She would work nights and sleep by day. Sometimes she would go with her clients on a holiday on their yacht or private jet. The clients would treat her like a princess and shower her in gifts and meet every single whim she had. Although many clients tried this many times, she often didn't like it because she was a tough and fiercely independent girl.

It was around this time that she met Angelique. Angelique was a colleague in a manner of speaking. She met her when a client, the CEO of a big brokerage firm wanted to have a threesome. The man was a disgusting old slob but he paid well so they both went ahead with it. Before they met, Maya had never a real orgasm before but in a strange, almost supernatural, way she felt drawn to Angelique, like she was her sister and they were seeing each other again after a long time. That night was different. Soon after this faithful night and after many dates consisting of walks, sex, dinner, and sometimes drinks, Angelique moved in with Maya. Maya was so in love with Angelique she didn't want to leave her side.

Chapter No III: Act II

They had been together for 6 months when Maya heard. Angelique had been caught in the cross-fire of a gang-land shooting and died. When Maya went to the local Police precinct, and asked the desk sergeant to see the chief investigating officer. When she got into his office, she explained that she was Angelique's sister. The CIO didn't quite believe her and asked her about herself. Maya told him what she deemed necessary and tried withholding tears. Half and hour later she left the precinct and went home. Her parents didn't really notice much of anything because they were gone all the time on business and left Maya to her own devices. When she wanted to forget or was heartbroken, she liked to go out at night and forget the world around her. Tonight she wanted to forget and was heartbroken.

Chapter No IV: Coda

Her feet were frozen, she couldn't feel her legs, she shivered and felt herself drifting away. She wished she had done more with her life, but fate decided it should end there and then. All the dreams and aspirations she had seemed like the end of a pier and she was in a boat and was drifting away faster every second. She reached out her hand to touch them. Her hand grasped air.