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By Angel Dollface at 2021/11/05

A note to my readers. <3

I am sorry I haven't been posting regularly, I'll try to keep the schedule of posting every two weeks. I've just had a lot to do and I am working on something much bigger. Don't worry, though! I love writing and will keep on writing here.

Chapter No I: Thoughts and other things

October 30 2021, Vienna, Austria. Bella was walking down a street in the fifth district. It was a wonderful Autumn night and she had rarely seen the last rays of the sun shining over the rooftops in the way they were now. She was wearing some tight leather pants which went apart at the ankle and looked like bell-bottoms. For a top, she was wearing a Blondie band t-shirt, a leather jacket and some black strap-plateau high-heels. She was on the way to an underground Techno party happening in an abandoned bunker from World War II. She had had a hard day and just wanted to let go of everything and dance till her feet hurt and her body could dance no more. Bella had acquired a sort of cynical and neutral stance towards her fellow citizens. Most of them pretended to be knowledgable about things that didn't anything about in truth. They trusted the government and the utterances of the media too much and took that to be gospel. If you dared to say anything against these pre-conceived notions that people picked up, you would be pursued with a vengeance and the aggressing party would make sure you could no longer utter so-called 'conspiracy theories'. She had lost all faith that there was still goodness and warmth in her fellow humans.

Chapter No II: Warmth

She had reached a tram station. The tram had come. She stepped into it, donning her FFP2 mask. She hated how she couldn't breathe in the blasted thing but apparently what the government decreed was now gospel. No possibilities to catch a break. None whatsoever.

She sat down in a two-seated arrangement next to the window. There were rows of the same arrangement in front of her and behind her. In the arrangement in front of her, there were two girls, roughly the same age as Bella. They could not have been much older then 21. They both had long flowing brown hair which shimmered in the last dying rays of the sun. The sunlight was coming through the large windows of the tram. Both of them were dressed quite elegantly with satin high-heeled boots, white blouses and, long flowing black woollen robes and a trench coat to top it all off. The girl to Bella's right said something to the girl on the left. Bella could only see the backs of their heads, they weren't facing her. She had noticed, however, them eyeing her curiously when she had stepped into the tram. The girl on the left laughed and pulled the girl on her right towards her. The girl on the right put her head on the shoulder of the girl on the left. The girl on the left put her arm around her and let her fingers run through her hair. Seeing this warmed Bella's heart. She didn't think they were twins. She wanted to be the girl on the right. She acted tough on the outside but craved such intimacy.

Chapter No III: The power of music

After a long tram ride, she finally arrived in a field just outside the city. The field was a disused industrial campus. Great buildings and offices of industry had once stood here. She walked another fifteen minutes and saw the entrance to the bunker. She flashed a quick smile, showed her Green Pass to the bouncer and went in. The music was loud and she could feel the bass vibrating her delicate feet. She went to the bar and bought herself a drink from a girl that looked like someone from a Sci-Fi movie. She downed her drink and went to the dance floor.

She let herself be carried away by the music. She gave herself completely to it. She felt like hugging someone and maybe conquering the world. Not too far off, she saw the two girls from the tram dancing, one holding the other from behind while dancing to the music. She moved closer to them.